Modern Portraits For The City Beautiful's Finest Pets


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Portrait of Sam Dorado, owner of Orlando Pet Photography and Samgold Photography

Howdy! My name is Sam and I am a pet photographer located in Orlando FL :) If you are looking for modern pet portraits, you have come to the right place! One of my favorite things about working with pets is that you never know what to expect. I love the spontaneity and my experience with multiple breeds, temperaments, energy levels, and obedience will ensure that no matter what, we will capture portraits that you love.

One of the first things people tell me when we meet is that there is no way their pet will sit still for photographs. Even owners with the most well behaved dogs say this. The first dog I ever photographed outside of my own was a puppy (an actual sweet smelling, heart warming, hyper as heck puppy) named Toby. I was pet sitting for friends and wanted to give them something special for their departure from The City Beautiful. I had to work with Toby for about an hour and a half to get a single great portrait because he hadn't learned how to sit and stay. Guess what? It was totally worth it.

Luckily, I am one of the most patient people you will ever meet. Even if it takes all day I am committed to providing you the best photograph you have ever seen of your pet. 

If you would like to learn more about my services or are interested in booking a session, call (407)906-4397 or use the form below to contact us today!