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Welcome to Orlando Pet Photography


My name is Sam and I hope you enjoy your time on my site! I started Orlando Pet Photography because I have a mission to provide quality pet photography to as many people as I can in Central Florida. I am passionate about this because I know firsthand how important photographs are during the hard times when your pet crosses over to the rainbow bridge. 


Pet portrait featuring a dog sitting in nature, taken by Orlando Pet Photography.

He was my four-legged BFF and this is one of the first portraits I ever took of him when my partner and I moved to The City Beautiful about two years ago. Unfortunately Eddie passed away in November. He lived a very happy and healthy 14 years and I know he is in a better place, but living without him has definitely taken some getting used to. Even though I took many pictures of him, one of my first thoughts once he passed was that I did not take enough.



They have the ability to speak volumes without uttering a sound. When I see the above image I took of Eddie, I smell fresh cut grass and wet concrete. I remember the heat and the way he looked back at me right after this because he was ready to keep on with our walk. One of my biggest regrets is that I do not have any professional photos with the two of us together. 


Up close portrait of a dog, Eddie, taken by Orlando Pet Photography in Orlando, FL

This is something many people deal with and the main reason Eddie and I do not have a great photo together. Often when I meet people and introduce myself as a photographer, one of the first things they say is they hate having their photo taken. Some would rather go to the dentist! It is difficult to overcome this fear, but what I have learned is:

A. You aren't only taking photos for yourself. Your loved ones deserve to enjoy photos of you. This is especially true once you are gone. Photography is special in that it can tell your story to distant relatives that do not even exist as a sparkle in someone's eye. 

B. It's not your responsibility to make sure you look good in front of the camera. That is your photographers job. I do this by making sure you are prepared (proper styling and a banging hair and make-up job) and through the use of thoughtful posing and good lighting.


Portrait of a dog, Eddie and Christmas Tree, taken by Orlando Portrait Photography

BUT, at least I will have some beautiful photographs to remember him by for years to come. When your pet is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge and you reach for memories of them, what will you find?

Samuel Dorado